Ramadan Projects

We Implement Ramadan Projects Around the World

Feed the world this Ramadan with AQB Management Consulting. Our teams in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Far East are waiting to feed the poor and needy in their communities on your behalf. Whether you are an NGO, charity, Not for Profit company, or even a limited company or community group we can safely guarantee your project Implementation this Ramadan.

We provide iftaar, fidyaa and kafara meals daily in most countries for £1.60 per day. The meals consist of rice/ bread meat, fruits, yiugurt, water and dates. We also distribute zakatul fitr on eid day.

All our projects are managed professionally. We give a personal service to each of our clients. Our prices are competitive and our services are the best.

Included in the cost is pictures and video footage of project and full branding for marketing purposes.

Book your number of daily iftaar meals with AQB management Consulting now and we will prepare in everything in advance. We can locate needy communities in hard to get to locations, where no relief reaches. Such as the Uganda Kenyan border, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh and rural Pakistsn and Kashmir.


We manage, monitor and evaluate your projects globally


We can implement your food, water and shelter projects


We provide training for humanitarian organisations

We manage projects in the following countries…

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